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The Quincangrogne Mill

The story began in 1564 on an arm of the Marne river. At this time there was a mill, the Quincangrogne mill, Henri IV hunting place. Etymologically “qui qu’engrogne”, this expression recalls the competition between the millers and the words they used to to respond to protests, meaning “that he, who is bothered, come and face me!”


The mill will give its name to the open-air café

The mill stops turning around 1865. Years go by but it does not sink into oblivion since it will give its name to a Marne riverside restaurant : “L’Auberge de Quincangrogne”. It was bought out in 1964 by Arthur Keller, a Red Guide starred Chef.


The Seine Riverside meeting place

This place becomes one of the most renowned restaurants in Seine et Marne Thanks to the reputation of Arthur Keller, a member of the Académie Culinaire de France, who is close to Garin, Delaveyne and Parureau... the hostel becomes nationally renowned. In 1968, the old style of its debut turns into a luxury restaurant with rooms and dining halls. With perseverance, the Chef becomes a great innovator in modern cuisine and was awarded one “Michelin” star. The Quincangrogne hostel will prosper and become the venue for the gourmet cuisine and a 4 star hotel.


The Quincangrogne Revival

A family drama led to the loss of the hostel. It was sold and replaced by a nursing home during several years. However, Franck Charpentier’s passion wouldn’t let this establishment disappear. In 2015, he took over the place established by Chef Keller and brings the gourmet restaurant back to life under the name of Quincangrogne. The hotel keeps the same quality range but Chef Charpentier introduces traditional cuisine, revisited by Mediterranean and Asian influences. The chef makes it a point of honor to add local products from farmers of the 77 region to his menu, in order to introduce his guests to the wonderful products of the department.